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Are you thinking about moving to a smaller or a rightsized residence? Maybe it's time to move into independent or assisted living? Have the "momentoes" of your life taken over and you are only living in 20% of your home? Has a family member passed away and the household contents need to be settled?

If so, call Karen's Errands. We are not a moving company. We will, however, serve as a move manager/coordinator and help that move go smoother.

We will work with you to sort through those momentoes of life deciding what goes and what stays. See the list below for services offered.

We offer a free consultation where we will discuss your moving needs and develop a plan of action for your relocation to a rightsize home.

Services may include:
Planning Your Rightsize Move
   Assistance with sorting personal possessions
   Assistance with inventory of possessions
   Plan furniture placement
   Provide organization and planning for safety and accessibility
   Coordinate sale, removal, gifting and donation of tangible personal property
   Manage communications to family, housing, partners and more 

Moving Services
   Plan move (schedule, oversee, manage)
   Assistance with movers
   Assistance with unpacking at new residence
   Assistance with insurance agent contact to check on coverage changes
   Assistance with Utility Transfers
   Address change notifications - newspaper, magazines, doctors, dentists, etc.
   Arrange for Document shredding
   Hazardous Waste Removal
   Take your car in for service before you move
   Meal planning to help empty your refrigerator
   Empty and clean your refrigerator
   Grocery errand in order to restock food items in your new home
   Hook up electronics, set clocks

Professional Referrals
   Resource List
​The Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS) designation is the ONLY CERTIFICATION FOR INDIVIDUALS that encompasses the Senior Home Transition, Senior Relocation, and Senior Move fields. Certificants on the CRTS™ Professional Registry support older adults and their families as they move, organize, downsize, sell and remodel their homes.